Alfred: Probably every time dad tried to cook anything that wasn’t simple…

Samantha: Yeah the only things he could actually make well were stews, roasts, sausages, mashed potatoes, or simple desserts… other than that he sucked and we’d suffer =A=;

Matthew: … but we would eat it anyway because we didn’t want to make him sad…

Alfred: Those were dark times indeed =~=

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» Ask A Lady and Eyebrows Event~

Madeline: Oh look! Maman and dad left their computer on!

Alfred: Oh my god really?? Did they leave anything weird up?

Madeline: N-no… but they left their blog open?

Matthew: Um guys, I don’t think we should be looking at their stuff…

Samantha: Oh come on Matthew! Where’s your sense of adventure?! It’s not like we’re looking through all their folders or something~

Alfred: Oh I know! Why don’t we try to answer some questions for them? I don’t think they’d mind… too much~ >3O

Matthew: Really Alfred? That’s a horrible ide-

Samantha: I like it! I wanna do that stuff!!

Alfred: Okay then it’s settled!

Samantha: Yay! Ask us anything all you people~

Madeline: Uh… *sigh*

(( Mod K: Asks are now open once again >vO This event will go on for one to two weeks~ It depends on how Y and I feel~ =w= ))

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(( Mod K: Hello everyone~ I know we haven’t updated this week, but that’s because both us mods are out on vacation in Texas once again~ So I was just dropping by to let you know that both Mod Y and I have decided that we are going to clean out the remainder of the questions in our asks whether by answering them with words or by deleting them ; 3 ; BUT the reason we are doing this is because we plan to do an event that will hopefully last for a good amount of time~ We apologize for all the pain and suffering you’ve endured waiting for us to update this blog and we hope you stick around for what we have planned >3< ))

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Marianne: I enjoyed performing there but my boss at the time thought it too dangerous for me to continue doing so. As for Arthur’s reaction..

Arthur:  *ahem* Marianne’s performances have left me speechless. =A=;  

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Arthur: Though some of them were less than fit to raise shite..

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Marianne, has there ever a time where you weren't fabulous?


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Fem!England x France,pleeeaaaase ~! (*3*)


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Artie, Marianne, what do you guys think about the Chunnel train that goes from Folkestone to Coquelles? Does it symbolize anything for you?


Marianne: It’s special to us for that reason only.

Arthur: It’s something the makes travel to see each other easier. 

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Marianne: We are horrible to each other~

Arthur: Quite~

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