Marianne: Hee~

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(Continuation of this post. Part 2 of 2)    

Arthur quickly walks up to the other two.

      “Marianne? Liam? Is everything alright?” Arthur asked, hoping that his gut feeling was wrong.

      “Oh, everything is fine…” Marianne said softly in an attempt to hide her nervousness. Liam glared angrily at his younger brother, but Arthur didn’t care much, that was a normal occurrence with all his brothers. However, Marianne’s behavior was not.

      “Marianne, is Liam bothering you?” Arthur inquired before shooting a glare back at his brother. “Liam, I swear-“

      “Always assuming that I’m the problem…” Liam practically snapped out. “Honestly, you’re the problem here.”

      “What the hell are you going on about?” Arthur asked harshly. “I was only asking because I was worried about Marianne-“

      “Like hell, you are!” Liam interrupted. “If you really cared you wouldn’t even think about getting into that… that cursed human marriage shite!”

      “Really Liam? Is this what you’re going on about? Bloody hell, all this because of a bit of jealousy?! ” Arthur cried out incredulously.

      “…I’m not jealous!” Liam scowled.

      “Arthur! Liam! Stop this instant! This is going nowhere!” Marianne shouted while stepping in between the two brothers. She turns to Arthur and tugs on his ear hard. Arthur winces in pain, as Marianne pulls him away from his older brother. “Come on Arthur. We’re going to go to our lunch, have a good time, and forget this all happened!” She scolds as she begins to pull Arthur away and out of the world meeting hall. Arthur apologizes to her profusely and in between yelps of pain.

      “Marianne…” Liam said gently. “I beg you to please reconsider…” He drifts off, noticing that she was frowning at him.

      “Liam… Enough please.” Marianne says, her tone tired yet firm. She turns without another word and makes her way to the exit, dragging the Englishman out with her by his hand this time.

Finally, Arthur and Marianne were on their way to the restaurant like they had planned. It was a quiet almost solemn walk there.

     “How could you even think about having a fight with your brother?” Marianne sniffed as they were settling into their seats. “You will have to make it up to me for ruining my day.”

     “I’m… sorry darling…” Arthur sighed while rubbing his sore ear.

     Marianne pouted but her face softens to a smile and Arthur can’t help but to return her smile. Still, he can’t help but be bothered by the events earlier, by what Liam had to say.

     “You don’t have to worry about your brother and me.” Marianne continued seemingly reading his mind.

     “I- what?” Arthur stared at her with confusion.

     “I can still see that you are worried” said Marianne as she poked Arthur in forehead. “Your caterpillar brows are knitted so close together it almost looks like they will soon become one~” She teased. Arthur sputters in embarrassment and Marianne simply laughs at him.

    “You don’t need to be so protective of me.” She pecks him on the nose. Arthur is distracted once more and becomes blushing mess. Marianne is very satisfied. After all, why should her husband worry about something that is between her and her ex. Arthur is, in the mean time plotting to get his wife for that earlier insult. Perhaps, he will get her back once they return to their hotel room later. 


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( So Mod Y and I, Mod K, have both decided that the best way to answer this would be with a piece by piece fic that we’ve been writing together because we’re both horrible at making comics ; v ; We hope you all don’t mind~

Fic notes: Liam is our OC Scotland’s name )

The world meeting finished as smoothly as it could have that day. Marianne chuckled to herself thinking of the chaos that had occurred, everyone trying to shout above the other, trying to be heard. It was quite a normal thing.

Marianne makes her way down the hall when she hears a familiar voice calling her name.

            “Oi Marianne!” Liam shouts as he runs up to her.

            “Oh bonsoir Liam~” Marianne turns to him with a smile.

            “Hey, so um… There’s something I need to talk to you about…” Liam said in a slightly hushed voice.

            “Oh of course~” Marianne said before adjusting her purse. “Just make it quick because Arthur and I are going out for lunch in a moment.” Her voice as cheerful as ever.

            “Well, it’s actually about you two.” Liam said gently. He takes her arm and pulled her aside to a wall, hoping to get a bit of privacy.

            “Hm?” Marianne was confused but goes along with the Scottish man.

            “I heard something about you two and a human marriage? What is that about?” Marianne is silent. Liam sighs and continues. “Look, Marianne, I’ve been watching you and my brother and this doesn’t seem right. It makes the bosses nervous; it makes other nations uncomfortable… This thing just should not be…”

“But it’s already done.” Marianne said curtly. “Why does it matter so much to you?” She sighs. “Is it because of our former relationship? Liam, you know we haven’t been together since the excitement of the Auld Alliance died off. It has been years…”

“Are you saying I’m jealous?” Liam sputters, voice slowly growing in volume. “Marianne! I just care about you and your safety! Your well being!” Liam, realizing that his raised voice was causing the passing nations to stare, lowers it but the concern was still there. He clears his throat before continuing. “I just think… my brother doesn’t understand all the possible problems this could cause.” Liam gently caresses Marianne’s cheek. “The bloody idiot is still young and careless… What if everything goes sour when the bosses find out?”

“And you’re saying you aren’t at all careless?” Marianne scoffed. She turned her face away from the man before her.

“I’m saying you should undo this mess,” Liam said before he gives her a light peck on the lips. “Because I worry about you.”

Marianne pulled away from Liam roughly. Her back pressed against the wall.

“L-Liam!” She whispered harshly.

Arthur was looking for Marianne when he walked by the scene. He noticed Liam was oddly close to Marianne and upon looking at their faces, they were not arguing but Marianne was clearly uncomfortable. Arthur felt his stomach turn with discomfort. What was his damn brother up to now?

To Be Continued

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Hey Marianne, has Arthur ever played loyal, sexy Victorian butler for you? (As in, Sebastian Michaelis loyal, sexy Victorian butler honhonhon~?)

Marianne: It’s an excellent form of for-

Arthur: Marianne! Stop it there! =A=

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Even though you're married to each other what does your siblings Alice and Francis have to say about it, also do you guys argue with the other's sibling?


Arthur: They weren’t shocked by the news at all.

Marianne: As for the fights, Arthur and Francis tend to bicker with each other but Alice and get I get along fairly well.

Arthur: Don’t you tease her often?

Marianne: It’s all in good fun. =7= 

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Marianne: I would like to keep the house intact, anon.

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Arthur: When the boys were very young, I told them that babies were delivered by stork. When they were older… Marianne gave them a straight answer.

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Arthur: I’m not cute, Marianne.

Marianne: No, you’re not. You’re adorable.

Arthur: =///A///= 

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Arthur: But maybe next time…

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What kind of relationship you two had in the "punk period"? <3


Arthur: Our relationship consisted of Marianne making fun of my fashion choices.  

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