You okay there Arthur? You kinda got tackled there x3

Marianne: And I’ll be more gentle with him next time~ Mon bébé adorable~

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Arthur: O-ow… my back. I was not prepared for that…

Marianne: *giggles*

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Arthur: What were they even doing in here…

Marianne: Oh mon amour calm down =3= I’m sure it was probably nothing~

Arthur: … right…

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Do you guys have any crushes ?


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Can I just steal all of you for a day? Your parents wouldn't mind, right?


Madeline: That sounds like a bad idea…

Alfred: Only if you will give us ice cream!

Samantha: He has a good point there…

Matthew: No, thank you Anon…

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Which of you little kiddies gets in trouble with Mom and Dad the most? *Looks at Alfred*



Samantha and Alfred: HEY!!!

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Who's your favorite parent~? (This is for all of them, I guess?)

Samantha: If we choose Dad over Mom, she would never feed us again. But if we choose Mom over Dad, he would be sad forever!

Sam,Maddie,Al and Matt: So we love them both equally!

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Madeline: We love baking together with maman.

Samantha: Yeah it’s one of the best things we get to do together because we can eat whatever we make >w< 

Matthew: Dad has tried to do some sports with us but something usually always… happens to him…

Alfred: Yeah remember that time we played hockey and you hit him in the-

Matthew: Eck! Th-there’s a reason we just agree to do some quiet gardening with him these days.

Alfred: Yup it sucks but at least it makes pops happy.

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Alfred: Probably every time dad tried to cook anything that wasn’t simple…

Samantha: Yeah the only things he could actually make well were stews, roasts, sausages, mashed potatoes, or simple desserts… other than that he sucked and we’d suffer =A=;

Matthew: … but we would eat it anyway because we didn’t want to make him sad…

Alfred: Those were dark times indeed =~=

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